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Isn’t it nice we’re all in on the joke.

It’s amazing how quickly a random cruise through the web can send a Lewis Black joke screwballing at you:

The ‘Dirrty’ singer—who is fronting a new MTV documentary promoting sexual abstinence to US teenagers—also says she tries to make love every day and claims she is open to all sexual experiences.

Much as hypocrisy is the tribute vice pays to virtue, due diligence of a sort is the tribute prankster pundits pay to what passes for objective reality, these days. So I’ll note that it’s all a little more complex than the writer of the blurb above (oh, how they must have high-fived and bumped fists with everybody in the bullpen when that one went through) would have it seem: the documentary in question, “Sex, Votes & Higher Power,” is part of MTV’s Choose or Lose programming, which this year is committed to getting 20 million 20-somethings to vote—which, demographics being what they are, is all to the better end of the short stick we’re holding. And a brief perusal of more in-depth descriptions proves the show is more complex than “promoting abstinence to US teenagers”:

By traveling back to her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, to meet several young women and men who have been directly affected by the government’s policies on abortion, abstinence-only sex ed and dating violence, Christina finds out firsthand what’s going on in the battleground state of Pennsylvania. The special will present several sides of the many issues affecting young people and present where both political parties stand on these issues.

And while I didn’t watch it (due to a lack of cable, and not having known of its existence), them what did report what sounds, indeed, like a studiously bent-over-backwards fair-and-balanced approach. —But! The atheists in the audience are already chomping at the “Higher Power” in the documentary’s title: pun or not, it’s a loaded gun of a phrase this year, especially when you drag it out for sex and youth and our misbegotten approach to the incendiary intersection of the two. And much as I might be amused by the image of Christina Aguilera, who says she tries to make love every day, impishly quizzing a couple of Silver Ring Thingers about just how far it is they can go and still abstain, I keep coming back to that MTV press release, which so lovingly cites the Heritage Foundation’s bullshit statistics about the “success” of abstinence-only education.

But again, I didn’t see it, and so I’m not going to get any further out on that limb than this. What’s important here is the Wile E. Coyote moment I had when I first read that line cited above: and what can you say when a pop star who’s working the post-t.A.T.u. mediasphere with coy gossip about shamelessly red-blooded quotidian fucks is cited in the very same article as leaping at the chance to promote abstinence to American teens? —Even adjusting for the Brit-tab snark factor, you have to admire the tesseract of pre-breakfast impossible things lurking at the heart of it all.

Maybe hypocrisy is the tithe virtue pays to vice. Yeah. That’s it.

  1. Nick Fagerlund    Oct 20, 09:48 PM    #
    Good to have you back, baby. In fine form, yet.

  2. Kevin Moore    Oct 21, 10:03 AM    #
    The entire Yes on 36 campaign is my Lewis Black earwig.

    Great post!

  3. sacchi del ami    Oct 21, 07:02 PM    #
    Daddy, what's t.A.T.u. ?? :p

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