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By way of an apology.

I know you told me at one point or another that I had to listen to the Magnetic Fields and I put you off. I know I did. I’ll get around to it, I said. I’ve heard the song about the bunnies; it was funny. I liked it. But I was too busy chasing after the Divine Comedy and Momus which, you know, I’m not going to give up, no, I’m committed, but that was what I was doing instead of going out of my way to track down something by Stephin Merritt, that and you remember the Hindu Love Gods cover of “Raspberry Beret”? I went looking for that, and there was this and that and some other stuff from the largehearted boy, and there was this great sci fi jazz album done by the guy who did the voice for Mr. Ed that Spinooti pointed out, and the wild 5/4 jiggy reel that Fairport Convention does on House Full that I think is “Toss the Feathers” which I’ve now got in a couple of different versions like the one by the Corrs but not that one. Though I did find the song Lindsey Buckingham does that’s in that Northern Exposure episode where the ice breaks, and I found that Joni Mitchell song from Ladies of the Canyon, and the last track from Welcome to the Pleasure Dome was on iTunes, can you believe it? And also I was looking for that song from Ennio Morricone’s soundtrack for The Mission where all the themes come together in this soaringly melancholic thing that Kim and I played over and over again and danced to on top of the tables in the upper lounge of Asia House for no reason now that I can fathom, and I was also looking for the Indigo Girls’ cover of “Tangled Up in Blue,” which I’m blasphemous enough to like even better than the live version Dylan does with the Band, so sue me. But that’s what I was doing instead of hunting down the Magnetic Fields until now, tonight, when I plugged the name into Limewire on a whim, since I do have the song about the bunnies, and it is funny, and here I am now and I’ve played the same four or five songs over and over again for, well, a while now, which is going to fuck up my Audioscrobbler profile, I bet, and anyone who tells you filesharing doesn’t sell records is a goddamn fool, and I’m sorry. You know. When you told me that I should listen to them, I should have listened to you, and I didn’t, not right away. —So when I tell you that you need to listen to the Books and the Aisler’s Set, you have to understand it’s just a start at trying to make it up to you.

  1. Ginger    Apr 29, 04:29 AM    #
    OK, now I had to go join Audioscrobbler and friend you.

    *shakes fist at Kip*

    This is all your fault! I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for you meddling kids and your dog!

  2. Paul    Apr 29, 06:08 AM    #
    Have you heard the CD Neil Hannon did with Ute Lemper, The Punishing Kiss? A bit overly dramatic for some, but I like it. Very Weil-ian, something I'm a sucker for.

  3. --k.    Apr 29, 07:06 AM    #
    Yeah, it's on my list of things to get Real Soon Now, since I do so adore their performance of "Tango Ballad."

    Word of warning on Audioscrobbler: it's still got some vapor clinging to it. Takes a day or so for the queue to catch up with your playlist, and they update the Recommendations and Similar Profiles info intermittently. But they're working on it. And if it does find its footing, it's gonna be a fun little tool to play with. So.

  4. The Left Half of My Brain    Apr 29, 08:33 AM    #
    science fiction folk music
    I've only listened to four of these songs so far, but Dana's Downloadable Album of the Month for April is Folk Songs for the 21st Century by Sheldon Allman. Oh boy, is it ever worth downloading! (Thanks to the ever worthy Long Story, Short Pier.)...

  5. Martial    Apr 30, 09:05 AM    #
    Well, jeez, it's about time . . .

    And did I ever tell you that I went to high school with Stephin Merrit? I have no memory of him there at all. I've asked, and he has no memory of me either. True story.

    The Books, eh? They're practically local for me. Cool.

  6. preznit giv me turkee    Apr 30, 10:15 AM    #
    and while you're at it, get some Architecture in Helsinki, for starters try "owls go" and "souvenirs" from "Fingers Crossed" trust me, you'll thank me later

  7. J. Pinkham    Apr 30, 09:12 PM    #
    You will want to read the Magnetic Fields interview featured this weekend on the main page of Salon.com.

  8. Steve    May 5, 01:18 PM    #
    Kip, if you like Aisler's Set, you must track down (or, you know, contact someone who would violate the desperately serious copyright laws of this fine nation, not that I would know any of those people) some Tiger Trap, the best tweepop band ever. Rose from Tiger Trap was in a band called Go Sailor with one of the Aisler's Settees.

    Also, Mr. Merritt's version of Superchunk's "100,000 Fireflies" is one of the most devestatingly great cover songs ever, up there with "Respect" and Hendrix's "All Along the Watch Tower". Heartbreaking.

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