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No, the Islets of Bloggerhans Popular Front!

Personally, I think it’s all because Kos got his photo in Vanity Fair and Instapundit didn’t.

(Yes, the title’s an inside joke so tightly curled on itself that it pops Planck’s length, and weird sniglets of not-quite-meaning are left to straggle out of its quantum foam. Consider it the short form. I’m working on the long form. Here’s the medium, happy or not: when I launched myself into the blogosphere, I had a basic ground rule for adding links to my linchinography: if the site spent what I judged by my all-too-subjective criteria to be an inordinate amount of time slagging on the Greens for the 2000 debacle, I didn’t bother to add it. Say whatever you like, I didn’t need the grief, and so. —Which is why I never added the Horse, and why I never added Altercation, and why I never added Kos, and if I added a site or two or three that did spend an inordinate amount of time slagging on the Greens, well, there were probably extenuating circumstances, and would you look at that? I contain multitudes! —But this crap with overreacting to Kos’s reaction to the lynching of the mercenaries in Fallujah is just that: crap. He has very good and very strong reasons for feeling the way he does and you can say how he said it that one time was dumb or stupid if you like but pulling ads and yanking links and generally tutting about, fanning yourself over the faux outrage of it all because if we stoop to their level what makes us better than them, my God, is all just following the script, doing their work for them, biting a good man on the ankles and cutting a powerful posse off at the pass because, oh dear, there’s a little clay between the toes. If you’re going to cut and run over something like this, then fuck the shoulder-to-shoulder stuff: this is still the goddamn bush leagues. You know?

(So into the linchinography with the Daily Kos, an excellent site, community, resource that I’ve skimmed on a nearly daily basis for lo these many months, even if I never got over myself enough to reflect it hereabouts. —Like you care. Like he’ll even notice. Still. Sometimes the choir’s got to preach back. It’s not much, granted; then, I don’t have a radio station that can air wall-to-wall clips of Bill Kristol accusing the 9/11 widows of moral blackmail, and I don’t have a TV show that can rerun every sneering Fox report that compared our soldiers’ deaths with traffic accidents and murder rates in Washington, DC; I don’t even have tens of thousands of readers. [Not hardly.] But a link is pretty much the least I can do. The most, that I’m still working on. You got any ideas, hey.)

—One more thing: if you’re still all het up to get incensed at the deaths of four mercenaries and how dare anyone be angry at them, I suggest you get a new set of scales. Tens of thousands dead since 1991 that didn’t have to die, and where the fuck were you?

  1. TalkLeft    Apr 4, 04:06 PM    #
    Nice! I'm proud I've always carried a link to Long Story!

  2. julia    Apr 4, 10:05 PM    #
    Ah, extenuating circumstances. I've always wondered.


    I guess it depends what you're in this for. Me, I get a fair amount of crap for how I deal with linking (I don't have a sidebar, got lost in a page redesign accident and I never put it back up) and while I think it's a terrific compliment if someone likes what I have to say enough to recommend it to other folks, the whole ruler in the men's room aspect of it can lead to chasing links for the sake of links, which I find problematic.

    The old topdown model doesn't work for us. It hasn't worked for us for years. The new model, which is more lateral, is working.

    Unfortunately, we are left with a certain number of people trying to drag the train back to the last station because that's where the bartender knows them.

    Perhaps we should take with a grain of salt what those folks have to say about all this, neh?

  3. julia    Apr 4, 10:07 PM    #
    Oh, and it's the Popular Front of the Islets of Bloggerhans, you scurvy cur.

  4. tulip    Apr 5, 02:28 AM    #

  5. Who Tends the Fires    Apr 5, 08:56 AM    #
    "News!" that lowers the level of dicourse even further!
    ... as if that were possible. And the war rages on and on and on. Nooo... not Iraq - the blog war. Sheesh. ;} Ko, the other one rages on also, but we'll get to that down in the "News"...

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