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Kelly J. Cooper knows the score.

I’ve been meaning to link to Comixpedia for a while now (and add them to the ever-burgeoning linchinography to the right there); the folks thereabouts are rapidly building a solid rep as the go-to gals and guys when it comes to writing about webcomics. (Is it a one-word neologism at this point? We do seem to have cast aside the usual coy engagement period of hyphenation, leaping alacritously from two words seen together [and gossiped about] with ever-increasing frequency straight to the cohabitation of portmanteaudom—still technically illegal in four Bible Belt states, or so I am given to understand.) —But recent events have forced my hand: they’ve gone and published a review of Dicebox which nets a three-pointer when it’s fourth and ten, a beautiful hanging birdie from just outside the paint. —Um. I should probably point out that a) I am married to Jenn, so objectivity flies right out the window on this one (but we’ve long since laid that myth to rest, surely), and b) I often affect to know nothing at all of sports, or the metaphors thereof.

(Psst. Kelly: “Peh” is a gender–non-specific pronoun [as opposed to gender-neutral], used when you do not wish to assume the gender of the person you’re addressing. The media in Dicebox use it as a regular formality, says Jenn [hear, hear, says I]; it’s also common to use it when addressing someone in authority [again with the hear, hear]. —Not there’s any way for you to have known this from context [yet], which is fine, which is perhaps part of the point; immersion and all, and I’m reminded of a post about reading The Hobbit at a young age and missing most of the big made-up words but loving it anyway, which cited information theory, but I’m not going to link to it because it already looks like I have a massive crush on the languagehat, so. —But! Three cheers for kicking the puzzle around. It’s what it’s there for. Right?)

—Um. Lemme just get out of the way. Go, read the review; read the comic; if you haven’t started it yet, I’ll even shove you straight into Chapter 1, Scene 1.

I’ll just leave you to it then, shall I?

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